5 Etiquette rules for a gentlemen’s club

If you are not a strip club regular, the idea of going to one for the first time might be daunting mainly because you won’t know what to do or what not to do. Yes, strip clubs like most entertainment venues have rules and etiquette, besides making sure you get the dress code right there are other rules that are no one really talks about and you might find yourself thrown out for doing something you nobody told you not to do.

In you head out to a strip club, you have one goal, to relax, have fun and enjoy the shows. Strip clubs won’t have their dogs and don’ts nailed to a wall you can read before you step foot in one. Everyone assumes that some rules are implied or they are just common sense. There are some basic etiquette that apply to any strip club or gentlemen’s club:

#1. Do dress well

Gentlemen’s clubs usually have a dress code. It ranges from formal to smart casual.  dress code can be found on most club websites. The general dress code is smart casual but since a lot of men who frequent strip clubs are business men in suits and ties. You will not gain entry into a club if you are not dressed appropriately.

#2. Do Bring Your Wallet

When you go out to a gentlemen’s club remember to take as much paper money as you can. If you are looking for attention and excellent service then you should be prepared to tip well. The dancers at these clubs do not draw a salary but they are independent contractors who make their money from tips.

How much should you tip?

The amount you tip depends on where you are seated. If your seat is closer to the main stage, tip consistently and steadily. You don’t have to make it rain right off the bat, keep the $1 flowing steadily per performance. If you like what you see and want to show more appreciation, tip more. Private dances have a flat fee, if you feel that the girl has performed exceptionally well you can also add more to the private dance fee.

#3. Do understand why you chose a strip club

People tend to forget why they are in a strip club and get carried away. You have to remember that you a strip club is not a brothel, you won’t find prostitutes or anyone to negotiate extras with. Remember that the girls are professionals doing a job. Treat them with respect.

A gentlemen’s club is also not a museum. You can’t just pay to enter and then stand around all night, watching the performers without tipping. The guy who nurses his drinks and does not tip can be easily spotted and asked to leave.

#4. Do Not Touch

Touching the dancers is strictly prohibited. You’ll notice bouncers all over who are there to ensure that the girls are safe. Do not try to touch, grope or kiss or you will be ejected immediately.

Look don’t touch. Some clubs may leave the rules of touching to the performers but do not assume that it is OK with every dancer- ask.

#5. Do not take pictures and videos

You might want something to remember the night by but strip clubs aren’t the right place for selfies or Instagram posts. Most strippers choose aliases for a reason- to protect their real identity. They don’t want to have their pictures taken. Respect that and you won’t have any trouble with the bouncers.

Put your phone away. Having someone scrolling through their phone during a performance says you are bored and no performer wants an inattentive customer. It kills the vibe.

This might be a lot to think about but the etiquette comes down to common sense and respect the performers and all those who work in a club and they will treat you right. Dress appropriately, bring enough cash, keep your hands to yourself and engage with the performers and you should have a good time.