6 rules to follow whenever you hire strippers  

Ready to take your house party, birthday celebration or buck’s night to the next level? Booking the best strippers on the Sunshine Coast is the perfect way to invigorate any event, but it’s important to know what you can and can’t do to ensure everyone has a night to remember.

Do respect the stripper (The Golden Rule)

The most important thing to remember when hire a male stripper or women stripper is that they are a human being with a job to do. It may seem like the lines are blurred from your perspective, but rest assured they are a professional with their own boundaries. The fact they’re smoking hot and dressed to impress does not give you a free pass, so read the room and don’t start taking things too far. Dancers ultimately want you to have a good time and will enjoy themselves more if they know you’re having a ball, so feel free to encourage them – just make sure it’s tasteful

Don’t touch her without explicit permission

Different strippers have different rules, but you should assume by default that you are not allowed to touch her unless she gives you the green light. If you’re lucky enough to get her attention and feel her grinding up against you, use your eyes to savour every moment but keep your hands free. Most will run through the rules before they begin, and if there’s any confusion it’s important to clear it up before the show starts to ensure everyone has a great time.

Do host the party in a suitable place

A bit of common sense goes a long way. If you’ve booked a stripper to come to someone’s home or anywhere else private, pick somewhere neat and tidy and make sure there’s enough space for the show to go smoothly. No dancer wants to squeeze into a cramped room or perform in squalor.

For events you’re hosting at a venue such as a hotel or bar, be smart and get permission from management ahead of time. If the stripper can’t perform, you’ll probably still have to foot the bill.

Don’t mess around with payment

You will typically be asked to pay ahead of time to avoid any messing about. If you do need to pay on the night, don’t even think about “forgetting” your credit card or bargaining over the price. Whether it’s by cash or card, make sure you have the money on hand so the show can get on the road without any disruption.

Do choose a theme ahead of time

Some of the best strippers on the Sunshine Coast are those specialising in a range of themes and performances, making it easy to tailor any party to your tastes. When you’re looking for an agency, check their website for profiles and you’ll usually be able to find out what each offers, whether it be a raunchy nurse routine or a duo routine with another girl. Get this out of the way in the planning stage and be sure to book your preference – you might not be able to change it on the night unless you’re willing to offer a big tip.

Don’t think you’re getting laid

Enough said. You’re booking a performance, not a service!