Best Quotes on Love and Relationship

Best Quotes on Love and Relationship

Love is quite a complicated subject. It is a strong feeling of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person are related with a mix of emotions, behaviours, and beliefs. Love has been a topic that has been much favoured by poets, philosophers, etc. It has been a great topic of discussion among people as it is one of the strongest and a beautiful feeling. Love is basically a phase when everything seems blissful. Emotions get elated and your mood mostly depends upon how the person whom you love treats you.

Love and relationship goes hand in hand. If you are in love with someone, you will definitely want to get into a relationship with the person.  Here are some Quotes About Love & Relationships.

Quotes on love and relationship:

If you are about to answer to your perfect match that you love them too or if you would like to express your feelings to the love of your life, and you are not aware how to express yourself, then you should definitely go through these Inspirational Love Quotes. Mentioned below are a few quotes on love and relationship:

  • You encounter tens of thousands of people, yet none of them have an impact on you. Then you meet someone and your life is forever transformed.
  • Love is when you tolerate someone’s imperfections whereas affection is when you perceive their qualities.
  • When you can’t sleep because reality has finally surpassed your dreams, you know you’re in love.
  • Being genuinely loved by someone provides strength, while deeply loving someone provides courage.

Maya Angelou​ Quote About Love

Long Distance relationship quotes:

Long-distance relationships are difficult, and it can be lonely when your loved one is thousands of miles away rather than right beside you, but reunions are always a treat! We completely agree that absence makes the heart grow fonder! These quotes about long-distance relationships show that you can still hold the other person’s heart even though you’re on opposite sides of the planet.

  • I believe we fantasise so that we do not have to be apart for as long as we do. We can be together all of the time if we’re in each other’s dreams.
  • This is how you know you love someone, when you do not like to celebrate your own achievements too when the person is not present.
  • The most terrifying aspect of being separated is not knowing if they will remember you or miss you.

Other quotes on love:

  • Do you ever just spin around and around with your arms outstretched? That is, after all, what love is like. Everything within of you screams at you to halt before you fall, but you ignore it.
  • Love is a state when your mind doesn’t want to put your happiness above your partners.
  • Love doesn’t start and stop the way we imagine it does. Love stands for struggling, and a process that makes you mature.

To love at all necessitates vulnerability. Your heart will be strained and possibly broken if you love anything. You must not give it to anyone, not even an animal, if you want to keep it intact. Avoid any entanglements by delicately wrapping it around hobbies and small luxuries.

Keep it safe in your selfishness’s casket or coffin. But it will alter in that safe, dark, unmoving, airless box. It won’t be broken; instead, it’ll become unbreakable, impenetrable, and irreversible. To love is to be exposed.