Discover how a chubby man in his late forties (with no money and missing teeth) slept with a new twenty-year-old almost every single night!

Let me tell you about Andy…

This guy was in his forties, made no effort to hide his paunch, and lived in my building.

But before I even knew him, I was intrigued by his appearance and lifestyle.

Whenever I saw him (in sneakers and student T-shirt) he was in a rush with a different girl.

Straight-up, the first time I saw him he was bursting through the building doors in a hurry, with something like a studio backdrop, a tripod… and of course a girl in tow.

I now know it was a studio backdrop, a camera set-up and that day’s model.

I also now know he was obsessed with chicks.


The guy lived for women.

(“Everything I do is about chicks” he later told me. I came to see it was absolutely true).

Not the most rounded aim for the ‘good life’, but by the metric of sexual prowess I can honestly say he was the most focused, dedicated and successful man I’ve ever known.

By successful I mean he must have slept with at least 3 new girls a week.

I’m not making that up (I’m actually not saying it’s a great thing either, but as a measure against his goals, it showed real achievement!)  

Anyway, they were all hot, and all younger than him (I think the youngest was 17 and the oldest… no idea, but if they were older than 35 he referred to them as ‘one of the mature ones’).

He even owned a photo studio, and became an accomplished photographer just to pick-up girls.

More than once I walked in on nude shoots.

More than once his assistant jumped up and stopped me from going in.

Anyway, I decided to put together all the advice I received from Andy (and his circle of friends) on dating younger women, to err… benefit the world.

Nuggets like;

“Always speak to the ugly girl first. It shows class, the beauty knows your game, and once you close both you can just call one. Think of it like eating a nut. You discard the shell.”


“Whenever you give her a compliment, skip right away to a safe topic. She can then bask in the words, without that moment of awkward acceptance”.

All true.

I know, because once I’d finished the manuscript, I sent it to fifteen girls in their twenties for comments.

I fully expected a resounding “Pfff!”…

Instead, if there’s one word to sum up what they said, it’s “Yes!!”.

And you want to hear their comments on sex with older guys?

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