Many sexual partners use condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies and safety against sexually transmitted infections. When used correctly, they bring a 98% efficacy which means that only two out of a hundred people will become pregnant in a year if male condoms are used as contraception. 

However, there are other lesser-known advantages of using condoms as a contraceptive method that make them more popular. Let us look at them.

They do not alter the fertility of the user.

Condoms are one-time ‘use and throw’ contraception method. They do not physically interfere with the person’s fertility, whether a male or a female. That means there is no hindrance if the person wants to conceive the next time they engage in sex.

Inexpensive contraception method

According to many people, condoms are an affordable contraception method. They are accessible and inexpensive in stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, or condom stores such as Moreover, many governments organizations that raise awareness on birth control and safe sex practices distribute condoms for free in community health centers, birth control centers, public restrooms, etc., to make them accessible for everyone. That also helps prevent teen pregnancies hence reducing abortions.

They have a higher success rate.

According to studies, condoms have been found to have a higher efficacy rate than other contraception methods. Some contraceptive methods such as pills, implants, UDIs, and injections have been known to fail on some occasions if a mistake occurs or for other unknown reasons to do with the individual’s body chemistry. However, unless a condom breaks during use, 98% protection against pregnancy and STIs is assured.

One can purchase without a prescription.

You can purchase a condom at any condom store, including online stores such as, without a prescription. On the other hand, other contraception methods like injections require the guidance of a healthcare provider to determine if it is the right one for you. Plus, condoms are freely available in many places, including in public condom dispensers in many public restrooms where you can pick a packet of condoms with greater ease. That makes condoms an easier way of preventing teen pregnancies that have long been the menace in our society.

Have healthy sexual benefits

Condoms available in various stores such as come in an assorted variety in terms of flavors and textures meant to improve a couple’s sexual life. For example, dotted condoms boost the sensitivity of the female parts during sex, helping one achieve orgasm, which might be hard to come by for females. Condoms also prolong the erection duration during sex, attributed to the tightness of the condom around the penis. Condom manufactures have a variety of condom products they claim offer multiple sexual benefits for their users.

Require no special skills to use

Condoms require no special skills to use, unlike other contraceptives where a healthcare provider must administer the contraception method. Birth control procedures such as IUD and hormonal injections require you to see a doctor from time to time, while a condom requires no special skills to use. 

The bottom line

Generally, condoms are easy to use, accessible, and body-friendly contraceptive methods. Plus, both male and female condoms are available in the market.