Exploring London in 48 Hours

When the sun sets over the River Thames, London transforms into a bustling metropolis – one that is famed all over the world. Even if you are only in town for 48 hours, you’ll find that there is so much to see and do. Why not invite one of the many London escorts to join you? 

Day 1


  • A West End Extravaganza – Start the night with a dose of stage magic at one of London’s theatres. Whether you are in the mood for a musical, a gripping drama, or a light-hearted comedy, you are sure to find something that suits you. 
  • Dinner in Covent Garden – After the show, head to Covent Garden for dinner. There is a wide range of restaurants to choose from, no matter your tastes and budget. 

Late Evening:

  • Covent Garden’s Hidden Gems – Explore Covent Garden’s hidden gems once the crowds thin out. There are lots of bijou bars to choose from – so why not sip on a few cocktails with your escort?
  • Jazz and Live Music – For music enthusiasts, venture to Soho, which is renowned for its lively jazz clubs and venues hosting everyone from musical legends to up-and-coming names. 

Day 2

Morning to Afternoon:

  • Thameside Explorations – Begin your day with a relaxed stroll along the South Bank of the Thames. From here you can take in views of the city’s iconic landmarks and grab a light brunch at one of the riverside dining spots while soaking in the atmosphere.
  • Art and Culture – Spend the late afternoon exploring London’s cultural scene. There are so many museums and galleries to visit, so try to choose one that caters to your own unique interests. 


  • Dinner with a View – Opt for dinner at a restaurant with a view. Many Thameside establishments offer this – so be sure to request a table by the window when you book. 
  • Rooftop Bars and Clubs – As the night goes on, head to one of London’s famous rooftop bars or clubs. Some venues have outdoor terraces with heaters, ensuring a comfortable experience for you and an escort year-round.

Late Evening:

  • Clubbing in Shoreditch or Camden – Venture to Shoreditch or Camden if you are looking for a truly unique night out. It’s here that you will find clubs and bars that cater to a more daring clientele. 

Tips for a Memorable Experience:

  • Book an escort from a trusted agency like Babes of London for a discreet encounter in the city
  • Secure theatre and restaurant bookings in advance to avoid disappointment
  • Dress appropriately for the venues you plan to visit, as some places may have specific dress codes.
  • Don’t forget that the fun can continue back in the privacy of your hotel room! 

Two Wonderful Days Await

There are few better places to spend 48 hours than the British capital. Whether you are based in the UK or have come from further afield, London will welcome you with open arms – with the experience feeling even more magical in the company of an escort.