Gather End To End Detail about Pink Von Dee From Below Words

Pink von dee was born on the June 9th in Florida and she belongs to Gemini star sign.  Pink love to tattoos and has two hears on either side of navel. Additionally, it has large ribbon design in part of abdomen and there is script with form of the small red heart design of her wrist part of the body.  Even she has Hello kitty tattoos design on her upper arms and there is Gemini tattoos across the lower back of the body. Pink von dee loves to go for piercings so that she had it in the part of the upper lips and navel and nostril.  She completed successfully more than 10+ scenes and she established as fan of favorite grooby network. Finally she gets nominated to the best hardcore model at the Transgender erotic awards. 

 Good at solo performance:

Pink dee gave debut on official porn in the month of the November 2014 at the time of the filmed as sultry solo shoot. On completing such porn film which get promote with help of the familiar network like Grooby Network porn site. She look too sexy with hot and slim body that loved by every men who want to spend time with pleasure. Pink von dee work as the pole dance in the bard and her body exactly match and she is quite pretty and cute. But now she is living in the part of South Florida and work as dance in the local bar. Pink dee is expert in sex and as dance , she never feel out of clothes to show her sexy body and soft skin to make great performance with help of the sexy orgasm at end and make you bring through to get back to her service again. 

 Sexy boy to meet all needs: 

 Pink loves to work with famous Jack Flash over the sizzling and she love solo scenes which are get promoted via with same network. Almost her solo scenes directed by Jack flash which get promoted to the Grooby girls and other famous channel. She collected great praise due to her intensely solo shoots and her body is gorgeous to look and support to have curves in exact places so you assure to enjoy spending time with pleasure at all time. She is always active and work on different filmed such as the scintillating and good at provide massage to enjoy form start to end. 

 Worked on various films:

She worked on different film such as pink von dee returns  in the years 2017 and also another film such as the gorgeous pink von dee comes which shoot in the years 2017 . She has sharp eyes and trendy hair style with different color option. Hence it becomes more sexy and hot for people to enjoy her film at all time. With her sexy boobs and sharp eyes, she meet everyone needs on her each film and as result it remain fan on the same page to collect additional film at all time. 


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