Hiring A Wedding Planner? Here’s What To Look For

A wedding planner is a must-have professional for any bride and groom. Planning a colorful occasion takes effort, sacrifice, and a lot of elbow grease to get things done. 

A lot goes into planning for a wedding. Think of the flowers and the intricate exercise of arranging them into something attractive. What about the tents and pitching them in place, and the most appropriate chairs. This is only the tip of the iceberg because there are other things like the cake, catering, settling for a wedding venue, and other logistics that may dawn on you once the work begins. 

The event planning market has several companies that promise to deliver exceptional occasions once hired. But do you know what to look for before signing a contract with one? Here are some guidelines to help you hire the best of them.

  • No charges for consultation

A friend may have recommended a wedding coordinator to you. However, it is crucial to meet them in person to get a genuine impression of who they are. You may have a chat over the phone or over the internet but a one-on-one conversation will settle any doubt you may have. 

 If dissatisfied, you have time to seek another planner to do your event. Most professional planners offer a free consultation to allow you the chance to interact and communicate your expectation for your big day.

  • Personality click

Your wedding organizer is a critical person for all the time you’ll organize your occasion. Holding a one-on-one conversation with the organizer allows you to relate and gauge if your personalities click. You’ll be communicating with the organizer constantly either in person or over the phone. 

It would help if your strike a cordial working relationship from the beginning. You’ll want to be comfortable communicating your concerns for a successful day.

  • Experience 

 For how long has the organizer planned successful events? Have they delivered to their clients in the past? What type of occasion have they recently handled? One of the reasons a wedding planner charges you a planning fee is because a client banks on their experience.

Wedding planners have unique skillsets and excel in various areas. You may need to talk to former clients to get their feedback to gauge their performance. For instance, if your focus is on meals, find a planner who has exceptional culinary skills.  Others may be all-round individuals doing an exemplary job in planning events. 

  • The service package offered

Before sourcing for a wedding planner, list down all the services you need for your occasion. Some planners offer an all-inclusive package, while others specialize in particular areas. 

If you decide to run some errands yourself, be honest about your potential and capabilities. Do not hesitate to hire a wedding planner who may bring other vendors on board. 

 Hiring an event organizer is an excellent idea. When sourcing for the most appropriate to handle your bid day, find someone who meets your expectations. You should be comfortable communicating with the coordinator from your initial meeting because you’ll do so throughout the wedding season.