How Is An Escort Different From Prostitution? Why Escort Agency Rather Than An Independent Escort?

Many people believe that an escort and a prostitute are the same, so the term is used interchangeably. Legally speaking in many states, a prostitute and an escort are both different entities, as they work differently, so the prosecution process for one differs from another. On the other hand, some states perceive escort and prostitute as the same, and the legal charges for both of them are also similar.

You will even find a difference between hiring an independent escort and booking via an escort agency. The Digital era has made it easy for people to book gorgeous ladies on the internet. The online escort world is flourishing but hiring from an escort agency like Panamescorte can make a difference in the experience. Let’s first understand how escorts differ from prostitutes and then learn how booking from an escort agency differs from hiring an independent escort.

Escort versus prostitute 


The escort offers paid companionship, which can involve some comforting services and this doesn’t mean having sex. The escort may be kind enough to give you a shoulder or head massage or just a back rub to calm you through the tough times. They will try every possible way to comfort you. However, this does not mean that you take them for granted. Treat them with respect.

As a person 

A blog video sexe escort will ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with their services. They are committed to keeping the customers engaged as well as other people involved with her presence. There is hardly any need for intimate moments unless both agree to a consensual encounter. On the other hand a prostitute will work towards receiving cash quickly. She aims to satisfy as many customers as possible to earn more compensation.

Some prostitutes have addiction issues of some kind, so they are always looking for ways to get extra money. They only offer sexual gratification, but rarely will offer to communicate or kiss their customers. The main difference is safe intimacy. As the prostitutes are mostly addicts they hardly take the safe sex element seriously, which is the main reason for the spread of STDs. An escort may not offer intimacy at all, but even if she does, it is very safe.


You need to book escorts via escort agencies but some independent escorts are offering their services online. Book and pay them in advance without price negotiation. Alternatively, prostitutes can be hired from the street and you can bargain per hourly rates.


Escorts are well-trained and educated, so they are familiar with high-class etiquettes. An escort fits in any kind of luxurious lifestyle smoothly. Unlike a prostitute, an escort is well-groomed in accompanying high-profile customers to any kind of social gatherings or events.

Online is saturated with independent escort girls, which is good. It means you can book a girl that suits your impression of an eventual evening. It also has its disadvantages because exploring through thousands of independent escort girls will need serious research. Even if you consider looking through escort agencies there are hundreds available on the internet, which needs doing extensive research. Which route to take, while booking an escort is an individual preference? Both routes have their differences.

Independent escort versus Escort Agency


During the vetting process, what kind of information the independent escort gives to the customers depends on her discretion. You can even end up with a different girl instead of the one you hired because there is no way of vetting independent escorts. On the other hand, an escort agency is the go-between prospective customers and listed escorts. Therefore both feel rest assured about a proper vetting process.


As the vetting process is improper with an independent escort, you need to do extensive personal research before hiring. There are chances that your experience can be a disaster even after doing serious research. Alternatively, there is research involved in choosing an escort agency but the footwork is lesser in comparison.


Independent escorts operate on a tight schedule, so you will find it hard to book her last-minute. If they have an emergency then they are unable to offer a replacement with an equally possible model. An escort agency has many girls available, who work on different schedules, and therefore the last-minute booking or replacement is also possible.


The escort agency handles tasks like finding customers, vetting escorts, and handling financial negotiations. They have to work for the safety and security of their customers and have a reputation to manage. The price they charge is worth the satisfaction you will acquire from the escort. The agency works for offering assurance and protection, which is unlikely to attain from independent escorts. An independent escort is independent, so the cost is low.


An escort agency offers a perfect companion based on individual preferences. They are skilled in matching potential customers with their listed girls. Customers attain whatever they looked for and were promised. Customers are assured that they will receive what they are paying for. An independent escort means no option or customization.

Hiring an independent escort or from an escort agency is a personal choice but in both cases, there are some etiquettes to remember. The correct protocol will help you to maximize your experience.

Etiquette tips

Showing up unclean and not groomed is a turn-off. Clean like you would on a first date.

  • Be punctual because escorts are professional and work on schedule. In case of delays, call and tell her.
  • Communication is not the main aim of booking an escort but a little communication will offer some time for her to take interest in you.
  • Bring an envelope holding the amount you already know and put it in someplace in clear visibility.
  • Keep everything professional even the talk. Never ask personal questions!
  • If you expect respect then give respect, which is even applicable to escorts.
  • Respect her boundaries.
  • Never get drunk because alcohol will cause depression.
  • Bring a gift because everyone admires this gesture, even if it is a small one.