How is Massage Beneficial for your Health!

Massage is possibly the oldest tradition and technique used for healing. There are various ancient peoples – such as Ancient Greeks, Chinese as well as Indians – were also convinced of therapeutic properties related to massage and then used it to treat great variety of ailments.

Also, the massage therapy includes the practice of kneading as well as manipulating the person’s muscles with other soft-tissue to enhance the wellbeing and health. This is the kind of manual therapy whichconsist holding, moving as well as applying pressure to tendons, fascia, ligaments and muscles.

Massage therapyis mainly used to describe an extensive variety of techniques which differwith regard to touch, pressure and also intensity of treatment which is applied. Massage Fulham offers different kinds of massages providing great variety of benefits to our health. Let us now understand the key benefits it offers to our health.

Benefits of massage

The most important and immediate impact of massage is to get the feeling of calm and deep relaxation. This happens mainly because massage prompts releasing of endorphins – which is the brain chemicals also known as neurotransmitters which leads to the ultimate pleasure and feeling of wellbeing.

Some levels of stress hormones, like adrenalin, norepinephrine and cortisol are even reduced. Here the studies also indicate that the stress of high levels of hormones impair your immunity system.

Below mentioned are few physical benefits offered by massage and myotherapy:

  • It helps to reduce the muscle tension and stress
  • It helps to improve the blood circulation
  • It helps in stimulation of lymphatic system
  • It helps in reducing the stress hormones
  • It offers complete relaxation
  • It helps to increase the flexibility and mobility of joints
  • It offers enhanced skin tone
  • It helps to improve the recovery of any injury to soft tissue
  • It helps to heightened the mental alertness
  • It helps to reduced anxiety with depression.

Below mentioned are different kinds of massage

Myotherapy: It includes assessment as well as treatment of injury or pain of soft tissueand their dysfunction which affect the mobility and movement. Myotherapy is usually applied to restore the health and also function of soft tissue structure.

Remedial: It ismainly objective assessment with treatment and rehabilitation of signs, causes and symptoms of biomechanical dysfunction and injury, thereby using mobilisation techniquesto restore the normal health with normal function.

Aromatherapy: essential of oils made from chosen plants and flowers are added to massage oil for specific therapeutic properties.

Shiatsu: The oriental massage technique which clearly aims to enhance energy flow through working specific points on body. The fundamental principles of shiatsu massage usually similar to acupuncture

Sports: It is an application of the massage, not any specific particular technique of massage. The kind of technique applied is usually dependent on nature of stage of training and competition, condition and sports injury and assessment of remedial massage therapist. Sport massage is mainly blend of techniques which also aim to enhance the performance and assisted overworked muscles for recovering quickly.