How it’s Guide to Having a Friend with Benefits for Everyone

It is an article on the taboo subject of booty calls, particularly the “friend” with benefits. This connection is believed to be built on mutual respect for privacy, undetermined timelines of encounters, and comfort with the partner, ease paired with access, and largely physical with a minor proportion based on a “click.” Above the one-night stand, this is the most basic kind of sexual experience with some dignity, not a greater feeling of trustworthiness.

It is the reason I decided to develop a non-exhaustive list of what it needs to make how to ask a girl to be friends with benefits over text work and what it doesn’t:

It won’t endure forever; therefore, be ready to let it go.

Why? Perhaps one of the couples begins a serious relationship with someone else and does not want to cheat. Maybe the appeal of being bad fades, and it becomes routine. Perhaps there is a better choice. Maybe you/they believe you/they are becoming connected because you/they are breaking some of the guidelines on this list. Whatever it is, you must remember to appreciate it while it lasts.



Suppose you start asking a lady out in public and going out with her solely for companionship. In that case, there’s a good possibility she’ll start getting confused signals, no matter how “tolerant” and “understanding” she is. At least half of them will say to themselves, “Wow, I’m sure there are other females, and he asked me.


Please don’t go into this with the expectation that he’ll alter his mind and make you his girl. It is something I’ve heard a million times!! AHHH! The fallacy of “he keeps coming back for more.” The notion of “IT IS WHAT IT IS” is something that most ladies can not grasp. We are bombarded with so many fairy tale endings that we construct a perfect finale in our heads before the actors have even entered the scene! In my opinion, this has a 15% probability of happening. 

Never use the phrase “we need to discuss.”

Just a few things can be deduced from this, and none of them are positive. Unless your wallet is missing money, they are the only subjects that spring to mind. Any of those issues can wreck the entire enterprise, so be realistic about the repercussions. I recommend throwing hints, utilizing actual or imagined stories of other individuals, and seeing how they react first.


Don’t be surprised if you see them with another individual in public. Keep in mind that you’re meant to be patient. You’re supposed to date other people as well. Give a friendly wave or a cheek kiss if you’re close. You also have no right to be envious. Remember that just because you’ve concluded that your spouse is adequate to satisfy your desires doesn’t imply they feel the same way. So please don’t attempt to put an end to their game! Also, unless they volunteer, don’t ask follow-up questions. Finally, even if you learn how to ask a girl to be friends with benefits over text, do not despise the other individual.