How the ways of dating have changed.

Most classic couples in the United States come from online dating sites. Such conclusions were made by scientists who are watching the creation of couples. To conduct such a study, more than seven thousand questionnaires were made, which described the methods of dating, starting from the Second World War and ending with today. These questionnaires showed that in the mid-1990s, acquaintance, thanks to friends, began to lose its relevance, as the Internet and online communication appeared.

It is worth noting that these studies showed that the most common way of dating after the Second World War was by common companies, friends or relatives. This is easily explained by the fact that a person who knows both halves of a couple behaves in a relaxed manner, which facilitates the process of dating, removing awkwardness during the first communication.

Today, much has changed thanks to modern technology. Now for communication and dating it’s enough to have access to the Internet. Modern applications and dating sites are breaking all records, but you can’t say for sure if they can replace real dating at all.

Sites like,, and are growing steadily. The number of active users on these dating sites has already exceeded tens of millions.
Scientists at Stanford University have conducted research in the field of dating and searching for partners. Dividing into groups and conducting research on different periods of time, they built a schedule that depicted the change in the popularity of dating methods. In 1940, during the Second World War and after its end, the most popular ways to get to know each other were relatives and educational institutions.

However, in the future, every year, such methods became less and less popular, and by the age of 90 online dating had become very popular. Already in 2000, the number of online acquaintances was equal to the number of acquaintances in 1970 bars and restaurants.

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As a conclusion, we can say that today dating on the Internet has become commonplace for residents of the United States. Now this is the most popular and apparently effective way of dating and searching for a soulmate.