How To Avoid Losing Money To Adult Dating Sites

In today’s day and age, millions of people turn to online dating websites and social networking sites in order to meet that special someone. With the profusion of free adult dating sites, it is easy to lose yourself into the comfortable world of no holds barred romance. However, there have been many cases of scammers divesting trusting people to trick them into sending them money, only never to be heard from them again as soon as the money is transferred. Adult dating scams can be sophisticated in nature, and you need to be sure that you are visiting the rightadult dating site.

Common lies to watch out for

Romance scammers active on adult dating sites will often say that they live outside the country and are working on an oil rig, in the military or are doctors with international organizations. These unscrupulous scammers will say that they need to pay for;

  • Travel expenses or pane tickets
  • Surgery and other medical expenses
  • Customs fees for retrieving an object of value
  • Gambling debts to be paid off
  • Visa payments or other travel documents

Scammers will ask people who have been taken in by initial appearances and conversations to wire them money or use reload cards from vendors like Google Pay, Amazon, Steam and iTunes. This is because this enables them to cash in quickly while affording the advantage of being impossible to reverse once initiated.

How to avoid losing money to a scammer on online dating sites

The most important tenet is not to send money or gifts at all to a purported sweetheart whom you have never met in person. If you think that someone is trying to scam you off a dating website here is what you need to do;

  • Stop all means of communication with that person immediately.
  • Have a conversation with someone you trust in your family or friend circle about the matter and also pay attention if they tell you that they are quite concerned by the behavior of your love interest.
  • Go onto google and search for the type of job the suspected person says he has in order to see if there are other people who have a similar story to tell. As an example you could search for “oil rig scammer” or “Army scammer”.
  • Do a reverse image search of the profile picture of the person to learn if it has an association with any other name or if other details do not match up. These are signs of scams, clean and clear.

Scammers are aware that millions of people frequent dating sites and they are set up with fake profiles, hiding behind a façade. If your love interest professes his love for you very early in the relationship, or asks for money and thereby lure you off the adult dating site, or claims that they need money to pay for an emergency, be warned. Contact your bank immediately if you have inadvertently sent money to a scammer and break off all contact with him, it’s just not worth the money, pun intended.