How to Be Better in Sex: Exploring the Positions for Multiple Orgasms

So, you wish to know how to be better in sex and get numerous orgasms. Who could blame you? While climaxes do not need to be part of your main sexual experience—forgoing orgasm-focused intercourse is good as well—it is completely natural to wish to have continuous orgasms. So, if you think “The more, the merrier,” where the concern is orgasm, you came to the right place (no pun intended). While there’s no common way to ensure numerous orgasms, here are the tips for making it a reality.

Can Everyone with A Vagina Have Multiple Orgasms?

First, some good news: If your body has a clitoris and a vagina, you’re likely much primed to have numerous orgasms. That is because the body’s refractory periods—the pauses it takes after climaxing when your genitals do not respond to stimulation—are usually much quicker than those of men. Because orgasm includes increases in heart rate, circulation, breath rate, muscular spasms, and brain activity, the refractory period acts as a normal means to return your bodily functions to their baselines.

So, What Can I Do to Help Me Orgasm During Sex?

If it’s difficult for you to have an orgasm, the best thing you can do is to begin by knowing the right way to climax by yourself with masturbation. Once you can reach orgasm easily by yourself, you will find it much easier to get thrilling times with your lover.

But even if you’re the master of masturbating, you may still find it hard to reach orgasm during full intercourse, and that would almost certainly be because the clitoris isn’t receiving enough attention.

If you want to know how to be better in sex, here are four sex positions that may assist you in enjoying sex more – and having satisfying climax simultaneously.

The CAT Position

(Also known as coital adjusted technique, but do not let that rather boring and technical title turn you off!)

Essentially, that’s a face-to-face position, but the individual with a penis or the man rides much higher than they do in the missionary, so their head and shoulders are nearly six inches higher than normal up the bed.

What this means is their penis does not go all the way into their partner’s vagina. Instead, the shaft is hardly pulled against their partner’s clitoris – creating tremendous sensations in that all-important small organ.

The Free-as-air Position

The man lies down on his back. You turn around and take a seat on their manhood. Then, at your own pace, steadily slide yourself until your back is completely extended on the body anterior, with your penis inside you.

Another advantage is that either person can conveniently access the clitoris. As a result, it’s unique and pleasurable, and everyone typically has a good time.

The Pinner Position

You’re flat on your back, and they’re on top of you, face down. They thus sneak up behind you and thrust.

However, because you’re flat on the bed, you experience sensations that are different from any rear-entry stance in which your bottom’s up in the air. You may also stimulate your clitoris by slipping your hand between your body and the bed.

Many women who’ve never ‘orgasm’ during sex have discovered that the Pinner position is where they climax.

The Spoons Position

Then we have ‘the spoons.’ The position in which you lie on your side and your man enters you from behind, wrapped up around your bottom similar to spoons inside a drawer).

Many women enjoy this, though not each one of them finds climaxing on their sides simple. However, the fact that both of you could reach down and massage your clitoris is a huge plus. Furthermore, neither of you will be responsible for the other’s weight.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to having sex with your partner. Every pair must experiment to discover what works best for them.

However, I hope that experimenting with the said positions will be enjoyable – and that they’ll help you in having an exciting and pleasurable experience.