Whenever we talk about marriage, we talk about how we can strengthen the marriage and one of the best ways to strengthen marriage and a relationship is through intimacy.

There are different types of intimacy in marriage. This intimacy is both physical as well as emotional intimacy. The real challenge is cultivating intimacy in marriage. 


Intimacy is the physical representation of romance and it can be a strong sexual connection and a strong mental connection. 

There are different kinds of physical intimacy as well as emotional intimacy or mental intimacy and we cannot stress how important is physical intimacy in marriage as well as emotional. 

So, in this blog when we talk about what is physical intimacy or emotional intimacy, we are going to talk in detail about how to increase physical intimacy in a relationship and how that is possible and what are the ways to increase emotional intimacy. 

We are going to help you with physical intimacy ideas and we are going to tell you how to bring back intimacy in a marriage and how to build emotional intimacy with your partner. 

So, here are the tips to improve physical intimacy in a marriage as well as emotional intimacy and all kinds of intimacy that might lead to a healthier marriage. 



While we are going to stress on other important physical tips later, we are now going to talk about something very simple and very important in the beginning.

This tip for improving intimacy does not take many skills and you do not need to learn a lot of things in order to do this.

It is as simple as it sounds and it is simply increasing how many times you hold hands with your partner.

While this might is simple and might seem unscientific but it is actually highly researched and scientific that the more you hold hands with your partner the more you release oxytocin which calms your senses.

If you are in a stressful job then the best way to relieve stress is to simply talk with your partner and have physical touch with them and holding hands is one of the simplest ways to do it. 


The ultimate manifestation of intimacy is having sex and initiating sexual activity with your partner is probably one of the best ways to make sure you improve intimacy in your marriage.

However, there is a problem with married people having sex and that is boredom. You are with someone whom you have been with probably for years.

And along with that comes the type of techniques that you use because you are probably going to use only a few techniques to become sexually intimate with your partner.

The only way to rejuvenate your sexual intimacy with your partner is to simply change things up a bit in bed. 

In order to do this, you must do a lot of research yourself and you must also have your partner on board in order to discuss and go on this adventure of finding new ways to have sexual intimacy. 

If you change things up in bed then that will translate to the entire intimacy game you have with your partner. Be adventurous with your partner but always make sure they are comfortable. 

  • TIME

Intimacy is one of the things that is often considered the best and most healthy way to keep a marriage happy and alive.

Intimacy is the secret tool and the medicine that is going to cure away any sadness and complaints that you have in your marriage.

It is going to bring you back to the days when you were newly married and a happy couple and you are going to relive your time as a happy couple

However, intimacy is not going to form automatically and it takes effort and it is surely not going to happen if you are busy with your job.

The chemistry will take a very huge hit if you are finding it difficult to spend time with your partner because every marriage survives on spending time together.

Marriage is all about doing things together and sharing responsibilities and love and compassion with another person and if you remove the key element of doing this together then things can fall apart. 

That is why no matter what kind of technique you use to increase your intimacy you must make sure to always have time for your partner. 

You can read a thousand books about intimacy but it will mean nothing if you cannot use them in your life and if you do not have the time for it. 


A marriage is much more than a physical relationship and marriage is much more than having sex with your partner.

The same goes for intimacy because intimacy is a complex topic that involves both physical and emotional activity.

You are probably good in the physical part but you are still finding it difficult to be intimate with your partner and that is because you are not emphasizing the point about emotional intimacy.

Emotional intimacy is like a dam and the more tension you build with daily activities and sharing fantasies and being sexually romantic the more emotionally connected you are going to be with your partner.

The more you are involved in joking with your partner and the more you are at being adventurous in bed with your partner the more you are going to build this tension of emotional intimacy. 

However, you must make sure that this emotional intimacy is always accompanied by physical intimacy because you will have to release this tension in a way that is fun and exciting. 

The only way to build emotional intimacy is to accompany it with physical intimacy. 

We hope this blog has been helpful to you in order to understand how to build intimacy with your partner and we also hope that you can develop a very healthy and happy married life. 

While they are can be many other points and tips about intimacy but it is you who will have to explore them and it is you who will have to apply all the steps in your life. 

However, if you are someone who wants to experiment with this intimacy with someone without cheating on your partner then we are here for you. 

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