Learn about various types of sex dolls

Sex dolls are becoming the most demanded item for several women and men who are not ready to invest their money or time in a committed relationship. Sex or love dolls are the perfect options to fulfil your sexual fantasies because all life-like adult doll’s bodies and faces are modelled on real people, and you can also tailor them. There are various types of adult dolls present in the market, but before you get one, you should select the base on your requirement and have a total perceptive of what you purchase.

  1. Silicone Sex Dolls

Dolls made of silicon are more realistic and softer compared to their plastic counterparts. These types of dolls have a skin-like touch and feel and give numerous options for appearance. A lot of brands give posable sexdolls; such dolls have removable facial features and metal skeletons, so you can easily adjust her bodily arrangement and her expression.

  1. TPE Sex Dolls

Just like silicone in feel and appearance, TPE is more pliable and softer than silicone. It tends to take impersonation of whatever it touches, like clothing. TPE love dolls are usually posable and have metal skeletons similar to silicone dolls, which make them quite heavy; although several TPE sex dolls are lighter and smaller, compared to their silicone counterparts. As soon as the TPE material warmed, the sex dolls will give you a realistic feel. The softness of TPE sex dolls leaves them prone to imprinting which also makes them mould a little to their partner.

  1. Robot sex dolls

These types of dolls are still early in the expansion, and most dolls only present a moving head. The robot adult dolls can be programmed with various features based on the doll. These can vary from various types of small conversations with their owners, various reactions to arousal, or various types of personalities. Finally, the objective of these robot doll makers is to develop a realistic robot similar to a breathing human being.

  1. Blow-Up Sex Dolls

These types of sex dolls are normally made from PVC material, although several companies provide solid silicone feet, hands, and head. Blow up sex dolls are perfect for people who don’t have enough storage space.

  1. Stuffed or fabric adult dolls

Unlike TPE or silicone dolls, fabric adult dolls give life to the animation. These dolls are accessible in different styles, mainly anime-style girls. These dolls have slits for vagina stimulation and penetration; hence you don’t need to be afraid of spoiling the material. These are the ideal option for anyone who has a plush fetish, of a person who finds himself/herself a bit uncomfortable with the weird valley aesthetic. Currently, most fabric dolls come without skeletons and they are not posable. But, that makes them easier to hide or move and lighter than their TPE/silicone counterparts.

  1. Mini sex dolls

These are smaller adult dolls. These are made to provide many of the similar feeling and features of a full-sized lifelike sex doll. They are normally designed the same way as the lifelike dolls, but the smaller size makes them affordable and easier to store.