Male customer

It goes without saying that the target audience of the porn industry is men. Although women visit such sites more and more often, all statistics confirm the disproportion and the advantage of the male part. That is why porn videos are practically always adapted to their needs, preferences and fetishes. The choice is really huge. There are a lot of sites with porn videos, which shows how the industry is developing and that they are more and more often visited. There are also a lot of categories, it is impossible to list all of them here. So, every guy has a favorite that he always chooses.

Statistics and amateur videos

Let’s start with the most viewed categories first. The data collected by the giant on the porn market – Pornhub – from 2019, shows that taking into account all the countries in the category most often chosen was “lesbian”. It was at the top all over North America, most of South America, Australia, as well as Great Britain, Norway, Finland and Italy. On the other hand, “Hentai”, was most often watched in Russia and some South American countries. “Japanese” won in Asian countries, for example in China, while “Anal” was very popular in the Middle East, North Africa, Germany and France. The “Ebony” category has completely dominated the rest of Africa. Interestingly, Poland was one of the few countries where “MILF” films were most often included.

The diversity is considerable, it shows that, in fact, every man likes something else, which forces the creators to keep up with their needs. There is no such discrepancy in the choice of sides, however, For several years now, Pornhub has been the leader, ahead of Redtube. They are followed by xnxx, xhamster, data zone and xvideos.

Recently, amateur porn videos have also gained great popularity. Porn studios try to keep up with it, creating films that might appear to be amateur, but they don’t always succeed, Men who are already tired of watching directed and often exaggerated films prefer to choose a film of lower quality, but recorded by a couple or woman with a phone camera. It feels real and is often much more exciting. It is therefore a very difficult area for porn industries, which are not always able to meet the expectations of viewers when it comes to creating this type of material. However, the websites still feature a lot of amateur materials that users themselves upload to the web.

Quiet Business

Men all over the world spend millions of hours watching porn videos. The entire industry is having a great time now, which is due to, among other things, a rather light approach to sex and morality. However, there is also a very interesting trend. Namely, an increasingly popular, quiet business run by women on social media such as Snapchat. There are unofficial transactions between clients and girls who send amateur photos or videos for money. The question is whether such practices are capable of harming the porn in any way. I don’t think it will happen, but it is definitely an interesting alternative and an idea for the future.