Overcoming your scare to enter sex shops

Let’s set it straight in the beginning. If you are reading this article, you are looking to buy some form of sex toys. But you have been hesitant to go in. Not because of buying a sex toy that can be hidden in your bag, it is the fear of someone seeing you walking outside of the shop or the embarrassment of facing someone in the adult sex shop.

And this extends to the lack of confidence in sex and in yourself as a whole. It is a common misconception that sex toys are used to mend dissatisfactory sex lives. And it is also a big mistake to think sex toys will destroy a relationship.

If I am just telling you that “there’s nothing wrong going into an adult sex shop” and end the article here, this will be just as useless as the free tote bags with a humiliatingly large logo.

However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sex shops. They are licensed just like any other retail store and an absolute adult privilege that every teenwishes to enter. In its nature, adult sex shops are nothing to be feared at.


The actual fear comes with others, or those who you will encounter in the shop. Although the society is vastly opened up on sexual topics as compared before the 50s and 60s, sex is still not something that everyone would like to talk about in the public, not to mention letting someone know that you have been to an adult sex shop and the common misconceptions that are associated to sex toys.

Personally, I truly believe it is a matter of how you present yourself. Body signs are a huge part of non-verbal communication that justifies how others see you when you are not talking. If you look sneaky walking into and out of an adult sex shop, it is not unreasonable to associate your behaviour with a dissatisfied sex experience.

I have seen couples coming into sex shops and choose the toys together. Walking into a sex shop with a partner obviously helps with mutual confidence. And you two will seen like a fun-loving couple who are looking for more sexual fun rather than finding a remedy for sexual enjoyment.



It is all about the perception that originate from your actions. As long as you feel confident in yourself and enter the sex shop with it, no one is going associate negative impressions to you. It is just like your first time walking into the spirit shop, the confidence is all you need.

In fact, those working in an adult sex shop are more than happy to offer advice to enhance your sexual enjoyment. It is just the matter of being courageous and taking a proactive stance.

It is totally normal that you still could not take your first step in visiting a sex shop. Luckily, there are online sex shops currently that you can shop your first sex toy from. You can also call them for advice to avoid the embarrassment talking face-to-face as well, though you may not be getting the best suggestion without the in-depth communication that you can get from face-to-face.