Services provided by luxury Escorts

The luxury escorts provide a wide variety of services, always ensuring the highest quality in each of them and all the discretion that clients may wish to fully enjoy their intimate encounters. Read more here about services of escort.

However, before hiring any girl, it is convenient to know what she can be asked to do, so below, we present some of the services that luxury escorts usually offer:

Natural Sex

This service involves the practice of a “fellatio” without using a condom; It consists of the Escorts using their mouth and tongue to massage and stimulates the client’s penis until they reach orgasm.

Full sex

  • It gives the client the possibility to ejaculate directly into the mouth of the escort he has hired; so it is usually among the most demanded services since it is also usually combined with the fetish known as a white kiss.

Anal sex

  • Many women are unwilling to experience anal sex for various reasons; however, men always have the option of hiring an experienced escort, with whom they can satisfy this sexual desire.
  • Luxury escorts are used to doing this kind of sexual practice, and they know perfectly what the best tricks are to make their clients enjoy the most.


  • It is a sexual practice through which the escort uses her breasts to masturbate the client.
  • To carry out this service, usually, the luxury escorts that offer it have large breasts.


  • It involves hiring the services of 2 luxury escorts, usually heterosexual, and being with both at the same time.
  • On some occasions, the duplex is accompanied by a variant, where the escorts also provide a lesbian service or show. Still, this aspect varies greatly depending on the sexual preferences of each companion.
  • This service offers a wide variety of positions, games and sexual practices, etc., such as an erotic shower where both escorts stimulate their client’s body through caresses.