Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Love You

Sometimes we aren’t observant to know when our partner must have fallen out of love. Some married couples are ignorant of this fact too. Certain attitudes exhibited by a partner could be a sure-fire sign that they don’t want the relationship any longer.

Staying with someone who doesn’t have feelings for you is a waste of time. No matter your efforts, he/she will never appreciate it.

Red Flags to know when the relationship is drifting downward

Men and women show signs of falling out of love in different ways. The best way to discover if your partner is falling out of loss is to be very attentive and watch out for these signs.

  • No communication

Every relationship needs effective communication to strive. When your partner stops communicating to you without any good reason, it’s obvious they must have fallen out of love with you. Though this sign alone may not be enough, so you need to watch out for the others.

  • Little or no affection

Partners often express their feelings through hugs, kissing, or sex. But if it’s reversed in your case, you need to confront your partner. If these affections stop suddenly, then something is wrong. Confront your partner.

  • Being secretive

If your partner starts keeping things away from you or even lies to you, then it’s a big red flag. This is an obvious red flag if you and your partner hardly keep anything away from each other.

  • Strange calls

Most couples are fond of asking who is on the other side of the phone. However, 90 percent of the time, couples try to keep their phone conversations open to their partner to avoid trust issues. Nevertheless, if your partner starts picking calls at odd hours or can’t explain who called or why they called, it’s a red flag.

Why do Partners Fall out of Love ?

It may seem strange to find couples who have pledged to spend their life together suddenly falling out of love. If this happens, it means your partner is fed up with the relationship.

Below are some of the reasons why partners fall out of love with each other;

  • Your partner may fall out of love with you because of your attitude. Beauty alone can’t sustain a relationship but a combination of both beauty and a good attitude
  • Sex has a way of bonding both parties to love each other. Not having regular sex can lead to a decrease in love
  • Lack of physical attraction also causes partners to fall out of love. Men are usually moved by the physical features they see in their women.


In a nutshell, you must be smart enough to know when your partner has already faded up with the relationship. Once you notice any of the above signs, first confront them, ask questions to know your flaws.

Finally, if they are not ready to love you back after you must have amended your ways, you just need to walk away from the relationship and NEVER force yourself on them. Find out more about relations here.