Some Crazy Sex Dolls For A Great Sex

If you are not happy about your sex life, then you need to be aware of some of the crazy sex dolls in the market which fulfill all your sexual needs. Whether you last for a longer time or a shorter time in bed, it doesn’t matter at all to these sex dolls. They are here to serve you like a slave.

  • Male with 11 inches penis 

There are male robots manufactured in the industry which have penis size for about 11 inches. The females who are unsatisfied with their sex lives buy one of these and have a great time in bed.

  • Custom made penis dolls 

There is a sex doll made in America which has about three penises. The person who is using it can change the penis depending on his mood and needs. The longer sized penis for more hardcore sex and the smaller sized penis for moderate sex needs. These life like sex dolls are currently being owned by a couple for their foursome needs. The sex doll with the three penis has a female partner as well.

  • Female dolls that need oral pleasure 

The realistic love dolls feel so human-like, that they can develop cracks on their butt when they have just done with a hardcore session with you. You need to go down on them, make them feel nice, and then continue having sex with them.

  • Drink dispenser sex doll 

It is indeed a fetish to males to have a drink from the breasts of a female. There are sex dolls manufactured which can be used as a drink dispenser. You can have a drink from the breasts of the doll.

  • Pregnant sex doll 

Few men like to have sex with women who are pregnant. It is said that pregnant women have a lot of sexual appetites and this triggers the male to have sex with them. It feels so real with the huge belly, a little sagged breast, and a body that isn’t the hourglass shape.

These are some of the crazy sex dolls in the world market. With the influx of technology, this is said to improvise in the coming years as well.