The Best Options for the Perfect X Rated Video

The approach must be taken care of so that the advertisement passes at best. Tact remains the best solution. Rather than announcing directly to his or her partner if he or she wishes to watch a pornographic film with you, it seems more considerate to get around the subject by evoking memories and fantasies, then to ask if he or she has already seen this kind of movie before. It may be easier after that to ask the question of viewing by two.

How to watch porn as a couple?

A porn film is not the kind of film that is watched one afternoon, comfortably seated in the living room, while the children are playing in the garden. You must agree together on the right moment to watch such a film. Choose a time when you won’t be interrupted by the kids, or anything else. Once the ideal moment has been determined, it remains to choose the right film. As in other branches of cinema, there are indeed different types of porn. Some are softer, others downright hard, in short, enough to satisfy everyone’s fantasies. To keep the experience pleasant, choose a film that best sums up the tastes and fantasies of the couple. More and more swag 影片 are now shot by women and for women.

When to stop?

If the experience does not prove conclusive, that is to say if one or the other of the two partners experiences discomfort or blockage, it is better not to force yourself to continue. Porn must remain a naughty distraction and not an essential sexual stimulus. The main trigger of desire must remain the partner and not images or scenes from the film.

Are pornographic films and a fulfilling couple’s life compatible?

According to many couples interviewed, if the relationship between the two partners is perfectly healthy and stable at the base, watching erotic films in pairs is a very exciting way to spice up their sex life.

Couple erotic movies: why is it effective?

Not everyone is ready to let the world of pornography into their private lives, at least not with their partner. In many situations, the simple fact of discovering the collection of pornographic films or Internet sites of his boyfriend or his girlfriend causes discomfort and crises which can fester until the rupture. But then, can watching porn as a couple really be positive?


Provided you choose your title and its universes and know exactly what you are looking for in this experience. Some couples like having fun testing positions in real time (laughs and complicity guaranteed), or discovering new universes such as bondage , threesomes or sadomasochism. Indeed, contrary to popular belief, there is not only poor quality porn! By putting the price, whether on the Internet or by purchasing DVDs, being able to watch high-quality pornographic films is possible. In this case, the fact of sharing it as a couple makes it possible to create new fantasies, to tickle hidden desires, or even to be aroused together by the same images, before taking action yourself.