Things couples pay attention to during sex

Things couples pay attention to during sex

Below are few things that one must take care during sexual activities.

  1. Your concentration

There is nothing worse than they notice that your mind is somewhere else. You will think that they do not notice it, but believe they also realize perfectly when you have begun to mentally list all your earrings.

On the other hand, starting to talk non-stop and on topics that have nothing to do with it, is also a sign that you are completely distracted and out of mood.

  1. Let yourself go

It is no use being completely nervous all the time. It is extremely important to them that you stay calm and flow during the moment, because it denotes that you feel confident about what is happening, but you also find yourself enjoying it.

And yes, in a way this has a little to do with their ego, and with the fact that they meet your expectations to the point of making you lose in the moment.

  1. That you be completely genuine

Both with what you like and what bothers you and the way you are feeling during the sexual encounter. The important thing is that you show yourself as you are and without wanting to pretend to be something you are not.

  1. Bye lies

Yes, they also demand sincerity from you and admit that one of the things they hate the most is discovering that their partner lies to them about details. Such as exaggerated orgasms, saying that you had never tried something (or vice versa) just to look good, affirm that something you liked. However, it is the opposite, etc.

In the end they end up noticing the truth, so better avoid having a hard time and are very honest with what you think and do. It will make each match much better!

  1. That you worry about them

Like you, they also like to be pampered and know that you care that he enjoys the act. For this, it is best to adopt a proactive attitude in which you can put into practice some maneuvers that allow you to fully enjoy the moment and not only limit yourself to enjoying what he has to offer.

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