This is What Happens If You Date an Introvert

The dating world is tough. Nobody is straight forward enough to just tell you what they want, what they are thinking, or what they see in you. Now imagine if you were an introvert… If you aren’t one already. The world of dating is ten times tougher for those of a shy nature… but what happens if you date an introvert? We wanted to find out.

Introverts Make Great Partners

So you have been in pubs and clubs looking for the love of your life but deep-down you know that’s not likely to work. You want to meet your dream match – not just the usual hook-up. Introverts make the best long-term partners because they don’t party like other people. An introvert is likely to only be in the pub or club because their friends dragged them there.

If you want someone who would much rather sit at home and cuddle up in front of Netflix than go out and get smashed? You want an introvert. He or she isn’t likely to have many friends either. They will have a handful of friends they would die for rather than a huge group without any special connections. They value their home, their families, and their comfortable places more than anything else in the world.

Successfully date a female introvert and she will build you the type of home that you never want to leave. It is like their super-power. 

How to Tell if Your (Potential) Partner Is an Introvert

There are a few ways to spot an introvert. Usually, introverts are:

·         Likely to answer “yes” and “no” questions with a yes or no – and nothing else. Try to make your questions open-ended if you want to date an introvert.

·         Exhausted by social situations – introversion is a Myer’s Brigg Personality trait… Introverts find social situations tiring and need time to recharge. To date an introvert? Make your dates quiet, calm, and all about each other. Never, ever, take them to a club unless they ask.

·         Fairly Reserved – not really shy, more that they want to reserve their opinions of you until they truly know you. To date an introvert? Make the time for a long, slow, getting-to-know-you phase. It’s good on so many different levels, if you have the patience.

What Happens When Two Introverts Date?

When you and your partner are both introverts you will notice the relationship working on many different levels. It will be a much smoother, much less worrying relationship than dating an extrovert… but the two of you might bore each other.

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Best of all? You can keep on being an introvert without any pressures at all