This is what it’s like to have sex with someone with a foot fetish

He was a teenager and he already knew about the fetish because he was my best friend before leaving. We kissed and I said I could play with my feet if I wanted to. I asked him a few months earlier if he had a fetish. I was flattered that she told me when no one else knew. 

I have been a professional for seven years, so I do and have played a lot with my feet without paying for sex. I was very familiar with foot fetishists long before I hooked up with one for fun … Now I have a long-term casual sex partner who loves feet more than anything. He is wicked and so am I, so he told me on our first date when we were comparing problems.

I was with my current boyfriend for about three years before I knew he had a foot fetish (we’ve been together for almost six years and the rest of our relationship is completely regular. We have kids, jobs, a house, regular things). I’m willing to give the bed a spin to see if that turns him on. [Within a few years of our relationship,] I started to put my feet up to his face and he really liked to kiss, lick and suck on them. After about a month of noticing that my feet were always involved when we had sex, I asked him why that was. We ended up having a very long and deep conversation on the phone about how he’s always had a foot fetish.

I was totally shocked, because at the time I thought I knew everything about him. It turns out that the society we live in and the way people react to foot fetishists had made him feel incredibly deep shame, so deep that he was unwilling to reveal it to his long-time girlfriend because he believed that someone was, I’d make fun of him. that’s why … He says it’s almost all of his sexuality; For example, some people are attracted to blondes, boobs, butts, or some mix of arousals, but to him it’s feet, feet, feet.

Mainly he just smelled and licked them. I’ll talk about my feet being hot or sweaty to excite him (obviously not in front of other people), and I’m left with a pair of shoes that smell feet because I know he likes them.Generally, foot fetishists want to kiss, lick and suck on their feet. Sometimes they prefer that the feet be a little sweaty … Usually when my partner approaches, I ask him to give me a foot massage while we talk before sex. He is submissive to me, so sometimes I push them very far down his throat or order him to kiss him. Usually I make him jerk off at the end and lick it off, or I use my feet to rub the cum on his face.