Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

We don’t wish to be the bearer of terrible news, but a study reveals that, while satisfaction often arises during the first year of a couple being together, it usually starts a slow and steady drop after that.

How does having long term relationship transform sexual life?

Humans are “wired” for novelty between the sheets, so when people begin having intercourse with a single person, in a similar way, every time, the excitement could subside. Fortunately, that does not mean that your sexual life is forever doomed.

If you are willing to make some effort, you could change a boring bedroom into sexual heaven that always pleases you and your lover.

If you want to know how to improve sex life, apply these tips to start the path to lasting pleasure and excitement.

Change Up Your Sex Positions

By using new positions, you could adjust speed and depth of penetration and have contact with various erogenous zones. Changing positions is not simple for sex, though – various positions for oral sex could be game-changers too. You can explore more sex positions by watching sexology videos or the Kama Sutra.

Bring In The Accessories—And Take Care Of Your Health

Some people believe that integrating sexual toys or other adult items during intercourse somehow means that they’re not “man enough”, but that isn’t true at all.

Sex toys are a novelty item that numerous couples enjoy with each other, and study shows that lovers who include toys in their sex are often more sexually satisfied.

Sex toys could flavor things up in bed by providing new stimulation forms. They could also be utilized to assist in closing the orgasm gap between women and men.

Nonetheless, whatever novelties or accessories you are bringing into your bed, if you aren’t taking care of yourself outside your bed, they may not attain your desired objective.

Lifestyle factors—such as exercise, diet, smoking, and alcohol consumption—are one of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction. A change in lifestyle is not just great for your health, but it could also offer you stronger, and harder erections.

In fact, research has proven that simply losing weight could overturn erectile dysfunction for many guys.

Create The Right Atmosphere

Establishing a relaxing atmosphere is vital to creating an excellent sexual experience – the more relaxed the two of you feel, the easier it’ll be to have a great time.

Study backs this up: partners who take time to establish a mood or set the scene are more sexually fulfilled.

Flirt Like A Single Person

You and your lover still flirt in the same way you did before? Excellent, if so! If not, it may be time to reintroduce it since it can aid in the preservation of passion.

Not only are sexual overtures important, but flirting is also about expressing your real interest and engagement in the other person. Thus, non-sexual activities are as important.

Consider the following spontaneous gestures of love:

• Flowers that make you smile

• Candy

• Evenings out with your significant other

• Unplanned getaways

• Take a trip to the spa

• Or, when your spouse has a lot on their plate or appears to be anxious, remove some duties off their plate.

These sorts of activities can assist you in being emotionally connected, which is among the most important factors for romance.

Discuss Your Fantasies

Almost all of us have sexual fantasies, and they occur regularly. Many of us, on the other hand, has never expressed these thoughts with another person, let alone carried them out. Possibly, this is keeping us from obtaining what we desire out of our sexual relationships.

The significance of sexual communication is demonstrated by research that shows that couples with the best sexual experiences are more likely to communicate and act on their sexual dreams with each other.

To get what you want, you must say it to each other. Start a chat, play some games, or download apps to spice up your sexual experience in various ways.

The Art Of Sexting

Sexting is about sending hot messages that will truly get them excited and display to them how enticing you think they are, not simply images of your junk.

You might, for instance, discuss:

• What you’d want to do next time

• Previous interactions you have had together

• How much do they energize you

Share your Fantasies

The finest advice for spicing up your sexual experience is frequently cerebral—you have to give them some consideration. So, show off your brain’s originality, which is, after all, your most important sex organ.