To Get The Best Out Of Menopausal Sex, Forget About Sex Toy Taboos

It can be scary to venture into the world of sex toys or lubricants when you are going through menopause. It’s worth looking into a sex aid if you have found that sex can be painful for you or doesn’t work anymore like many women who go through menopause. You aren’t quite sure it will work to help spark up your sex life. Maybe what you need is a libido raise, and if so, you should check the top 6 swings here to help get you into amazing action positions with your partner that you never thought possible.

What Is The Reason Sex Can Be So Painful After Menopause?

The menopause transition can lead to the vaginal tissues becoming less elastic and fragile due to a drop in estrogen levels. This is combined with a vagina that is less naturally lubricated, and you have the perfect conditions for painful sex.

As you get older, vaginal symptoms will become more common. Approximately two-thirds (or three-quarters) of postmenopausal females who haven’t tried HRT experience changes in their bladder and vagina due to low estrogen.

After experiencing painful sex, your vagina can become involuntarily tightening. This can make it a difficult and frustrating problem to solve.

To ensure you have a happy, healthy sex experience throughout your menopause and beyond, it is important to avoid problems like vaginal dryness and painful sex. You can use fantastic sex toys that can help ease menopause in women, lubricants, and other products to help you along this journey.

There are many sex toys and other lubricants that can be used to help you have fun with your partner, or just yourself.

Sex toys and lubrication are great for increasing arousal, decreasing pain and discomfort, and even re-energizing your body to enjoy sex. This can help reduce anxiety, which is just one of many psychological symptoms menopause causes. We are delighted to say the answer is a clear yes! There is no better reason than to get back in bed.

Be mindful that we are not going to be focusing on specific products. This is about rekindling your love of pleasure, enjoyment, and touch. For more information, visit Cupidboutique Blog.

Recommendations For Menopause Sex Toys

Good Vibrations

Research shows that there is an orgasm gap between men & women. 80% percent of women don’t orgasm through mere penetration. This is where vibrators step in.

A vibrator can seem intimidating, especially if you have never used one before. A vibrator can help you discover new sensations. It also increases blood flow to the vulva and vagina, increasing your sensitivity and helping with pleasure highs.

Are You Ready To Experiment With Dilators?

Dilators can be tube-shaped devices in a variety of sizes, from finger-size too much bigger. Your doctor may prescribe them.

The insertion of a dilator into the vagina requires a gentle, comfortable, and slow process. This is a great way to manage adhesions and scarring. It also reduces anxiety and helps you avoid painful sex and smear testing.

Say Yes To Ohnut

Deep, penetrative sex can be uncomfortable if you feel it. This anxiety can lead to muscle contractions and more pain.

Out allows you to test different penetration depths. It is made up of four silicone stacking rings, which sit at the base of the penetrating partner. They provide a cushion to prevent sex from getting too deep and create a comfortable cushion. This clever sex toy gives you the ability to have as much or as little penetration as you want. You can get sex machines for sale also.

Lavish Lubrication

It is important to learn how to combat vaginal dryness during menopause and to invest in good quality lubricants to ensure you have the best menopausal sexual experience.

The water-based oil-based lubricant provides a natural feel, while the oil-based lubricant offers a longer-lasting and more luxurious lubricant that protects the delicate tissues of the vagina and vulva.

To achieve complete bliss, apply the oil-based lubricant first to yourself, then to your partner. This will allow you both to glide over one another.