Using sex toys during pregnancy can be a good idea

Ask the experts: Is it safe to use sex toys during pregnancy? There are some pros and cons every woman should know.

Everybody talking about sex, sex on television, sex everywhere, and then you come and ask if you can put things in your pussy because no one has ever explained it to you. Women are not machines, whether you press the red or green button and they do one thing or the other.

It depends on so many things.

For example, what does it mean to “use vibrators and other sex toys”. Does it mean being tied up like salami to get whipped by someone like in the Fifty Shades film, does it mean putting something of half a meter in your vagina, or does it mean using vaginal balls or some vibrator of a suitable size?

If a pregnant woman wants to have extreme sex, we advise against it. If we talk about normal things, the same indications apply as when having sex with a man. Neither more nor less.

What does that mean?

Having sex during pregnancy is generally not contraindicated, quite the opposite. It keeps us in physical exercise and our brain releases substances that are good for us and therefore also for the baby.

Then there are couples who struggle to have sex when she is pregnant because they imagine that his penis ends up hitting the baby’s head, like a truncheon, which is not true.

And the same thing happens with a vibrator which, if used in a normal way and perhaps with some extra delicacy, does not hurt anyone. Certainly not to the child. At most the problems are others.

What problems?

This talk about sex and sex toys that do not hurt in pregnancy is not valid for those cases in which there are signs that warn us of possible threats of abortion, premature birth, or situations at risk of placental abruption or placenta previa. In that case, however, the discussion must be addressed with your gynecologist and never elsewhere, much less looking on the internet.

First of all, keep your hygiene high. Anything you put in there you need to be sure it’s well sanitized. This always, but if you are pregnant you have to be even more careful. And then you should avoid strange things?

What do weird things mean?

There are some huge or strange gadgets, such as those that rotate and make unnatural movements that are best avoided, because they can give stress to the cervix. But a normal vibrator during pregnancy is also a great help for some.

What for?

It can give you beautiful moments of pleasure and also of intimacy with your body. We women don’t always have a good relationship with our physical appearance and in pregnancy sometimes things are even worse, because it’s not like you just look at yourself and think “fuck, I am sexy with ‘this belly!”. Sex toys can help you have a good relationship with sex, alone or with your husband or partner.

So what kind of sex toys can we use in pregnancy?

Whatever you like. Don’t take weird stuff with poor materials or anything else. Traditional sex toys are fine. There are also mini vibrators, smaller which for some women may be better during pregnancy since when pregnant the sensitivity in the pelvic area is greater and the vibrator that is normally used can be annoying or “too much”.

Would you recommend it?

One must do what she feels like. If the vibrator gives you pleasure or helps you get familiar with your new body, that’s fine, if you feel uncomfortable using it with your belly, better not. If anything, I recommend using Chinese balls to do Kegel exercises: they strengthen the pelvic floor, which is useful during and after childbirth.

Are you talking about geisha balls?

I call them Chinese balls or vaginal balls. Since they sell them in sex shops some women don’t want to use them, because they imagine who knows what. Instead, we should understand that the same way as we train the muscles of the legs and arms, in the same way, our genital muscles must also be kept in training to stay in shape.

Using these balls during pregnancy to do Kegel exercises is very useful for toning the pelvic floor and avoiding having to recover muscles that did not exist before, perhaps even with incontinence problems. And then, in fact, they can also be used in post-partum rehabilitation.

This is not only an exercise for pregnant women. Not only those who have children have genital muscles. Let’s say that after giving birth you risk more of them letting go, but even with age advancing, the perineum sometimes loosens and problems occur that these vaginal balls can help prevent.