Want to Date An Asian Girl? What to Do and What Not To Do?

While a lot of men wish to date Asian girls, they often fail in addressing the cultural differences between Asian girls and Western girls. Thus, we have listed certain things that you need to know, if you are planning for dating an Asian girl. 

To do:

Be prepared to be rejected by their family initially

Yes! You should know that typical Asian parents usually do not like the idea that their daughter is dating someone. They mostly prefer getting their daughters married in a family which they know from before. However, don’t give up! If you succeed in impressing them and they find you to be perfect for their daughter, they will accept you by all heart. 

Not to do:

Do not refuse to have food

Food is a major component of Asian culture and by refusing to have food, if offered in Asian Dating, you may end up offending your Asian date or her Asian parents. So, all you can do is accept the food and enjoy it. 

To do:

Be prepared to get little drama

Asian girls love to watch daily TV soaps and this often leads them to react dramatically if they get upset. You will get to witness the drama once you make her upset.

Fighting for bills

While going out for a lunch or dinner date, never think that you are the only one who will have to pay the bill. You may feel awkward about this but it is true that your Asian date will try to pick up the bill. 

Not to do:

No stereotyping of Asian women

Just forget about all sexual stereotypes that you have heard about Asian girls. You should carefully pick your words while speaking with her rather than judging her as per your knowledge about Asian girls. Try to know her as a person and treat her nicely. 

To do:

Be loyal and expect loyalty

Lastly, you should remain loyal and expect loyalty from your AsianDate. Asian girls are known for their loyalty and thus, it may happen that the first Asian girl that you have met is the last one that you will ever meet.