What are STI Dating Apps? Everything You Should Know

Almost all of us known about online dating apps and sites. Many of us have also used it. But do you know about STI dating apps?

If you have ever come across such a site/app and have wondered what it’s all about, we are here to answer your questions.

This may sound a little weird, but there are dating sites for STI people. STI is short for sexually transmitted infection. These dating apps are particularly made for people with STI and help them to find someone alike. One of the popular STI dating apps is Plus Side. If you want to know more about it, give this article a read.

What are STI dating apps all about?

STI dating apps are just like regular dating apps. The only difference is that these sites are made for people with STI only. If you don’t have STI, you cannot join such a dating website.

STI dating websites/apps are nothing new. They have existed for many years. But with the rise of STI cases, we have more such platforms coming up. One of the best STI websites would be Plus Side.

Plus Side is an Australia based dating community that is specially made for people with STI and herpes. It offers them a common platform to meet and interact with like-minded people or someone who has been through the same. The website has a lot of exciting features to help people find their perfect match.

How STI dating apps/websites help people?

People with STDs and STIs are often faced with hatred. They are even given bad names because of their disease. This affects them negatively. As a result, they don’t open up or admit to having any such infection.

These special dating apps are launched to help them find similar people who have been through similar situations. This encourages them to talk about their disease freely and not be ashamed of it.

Sexually transmitted diseases need to be taken seriously. It often occurs due to unprotected sex. People suffering from such a disease have to face discrimination throughout their lives even after they are cured. This makes them difficult for them to search for a partner. But with these dating sites, they can confidently look for people alike and not feel judged.

STI dating apps have become quite popular these days. It is a great initiative taken towards helping people with STIs.