What is meant by speed dating?

Speed dating in London by Naturally Dating involves getting to know different people in a friendly, relaxed environment. You book an organized event, sign up, and get randomly paired with single potential suitors. The idea is simple; you are given a few minutes to speak to a person after which you switch to a different person.

The ladies maintain their seats while the men do the rotation. After rounds of interactions, people note down the people they like and the organizers give the contact details of those that like each other. Whatever happens thereafter totally depends on the both of you.

Best advantages of speed dating

Eliminates pressure

Speed dating removes any pressure that comes with the thrill of meeting someone new. You can talk to different people and the fact that you do not feel the need to give your contact details out of pity or being polite makes it a perfect form of dating for people that hate exchanging their contact information.

Gives you control

With speed dating, you can choose the people you have a connection to. This puts you in charge of the situation. The more people age the more they can differentiate the attributes they require in a relationship. Speed dating allows you to choose only the people you click with.

With the limited time, you can identify the things you have in common and if the conversation flows naturally then selection becomes easier. The little time also allows for no possibility of awkward silences.

Perfect blend of the old and new dating techniques

Different people have different preferences. Some prefer face-to-face meetups while some lean towards online dating. Although online dating has its fair share of advantages speed dating eliminates the little difficulties of online dating.

The face-to-face meeting provides that extra spice and ensures a physical connection at first sight. Speed dating can be intense especially for naturally shy people. Meeting different people in a limited time can however prove helpful in eliminating the butterflies as you can quickly express yourself.

Provides a variety of options

Speed dating requires that you go in with an open mind. Do not limit yourself to anything as the possibilities are limitless. You want the time you spend with your date to be relaxed and flowing. Know what to say to the other person and the right questions to ask. Avoid being too sarcastic and do not over-praise your intelligence.

Speed dating eventsprovides that extra fun way of interacting with new random people especially if you want to feel the thrill and excitement. Some different organizers will test your social skills by having challenges and questions that keep the date interactive. Most organizers offer an opportunity for everyone to mingle after the event. It all depends on your personal preference.

You might not have had luck with the initially planned event but this is where the real action starts. Don’t be too quick to go home as you might strike a connection with somebody at the end of the session.