What is Tantra Exactly? The Meaning & How It Works – 3 Main Steps

Learn about the concept of tantra, and what intimacy and sexuality is related to tantric practices. This post will be for beginners and offers an overview of where tantra originates from, and how it can be used to empower you with sex and spirituality, and to harness your own personal energy.

Have you ever thought about where Tantra comes from and what it is?

Is Tantra either positive or negative? Is it related to sex and orgies?

Well, actually Tantra originates from a Sanskrit word meaning “weaving”, bringing things together. 

The 3 Main Elements of Tantra:

  1. Breath
  2. Sound
  3. Movement

A few other elements and areas it supports:

Meditation, self-love, healing of your chakras, extended self-pleasure, deeper affection, appearance, recognition and elimination of intimacy barriers.

Tantra is misunderstood, and since sex is enhanced by tantric practices, people think it’s just about sex. Yet it’s a lot more than that.

Our culture has brought so much stigma to sex and sensuality, and people still view Tantra as something taboo.

But why is there so much stigma in sex? We are all made through sex, so if it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t be here. We are the only creatures to be guilty of something that is a natural fact of life.

Do you think animals have shame relating to sex? 

No. It’s part of everyday life. We were created with thousands of ends of the nerves which enable us to experience pleasure. Pleasure a birthright of yours. So let’s remove the guilt and celebrate the joy of connecting with ourselves and with others.

Have you ever considered pleasure as medicine? Marvin Gaye’s song “Sexual Healing” reminds me of Tantra’s healing power.

Ready to unlock your own power from within?

Check out the book by Napoleon Hill “Think & Grow Rich”  where he has provided an entire chapter, Chapter 11, to the Art of Sexual Transmutation.  Also, these specific practices were used by Nikola Tesla, Einstein & Steve Jobs to unlock their own personal Genius and creativity

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I share with you the amazing aspects of Tantra and how to use them for self-love, tantric practices, increasing your pleasure and much more!