Marriage is something complicated and there can be a happy married life or an unhappy married life.  

Therefore, the married couple who are unhappy in their marriage needs to find the proper unhappy marriage solutions. 

An unhappy marriage can cause psychological distress and it can have a lot of problems in your mental health. 

There can be a lot of causes of an unhappy relationship.

Let us discuss common marriage problems and how to survive in an unhealthy marriage and even turn it into a healthy marriage. 



There can be many causes for an unhealthy marriage which leads to an unhappy marriage but one of the reasons why this is the case is because of selfishness. 

Let us explain this in a bit more detail so that you can understand why this can be the cause of the problem in your marriage and how you can take care of this problem. 

A lot of the time married people do not give the space that their spouse requires and deserves to prosper in their life.

This can often be the case because in a marriage where the lives of two people can get tangled up too much and this can lead to a problem.

Your or your partner’s needs might get forgotten in this marriage simply because you both do things together and one person’s needs can get prioritised over the other person’s. 

This can lead to feelings of sadness and depression and this can lead to feelings of unhappiness and psychological distress but the partner is unable to express them.

That is exactly why the solution to this is to simply understand the problems of your partner and needs of your partner and never ignore them.

They do so much for you and that is exactly why you should also do as much or even more for them.

When you start to focus on the needs of your partner and your partner does the same for you then this unhealthy marriage can become a very healthy and happy marriage.

As humans, we all have needs no matter how much we try to hide them but we all can have needs and wants and desires and we expect the person we love to understand them. 


One of the best ways to have a cure for a disease is to diagnose the disease in the first place.  The same goes for your unhappy marriage. 

If you feel like you have an unhappy marriage and you are unhappy and you are feeling unhealthy in this marriage then there is something you must do. 

You must find the cause of the problems and you must dig deeply in order to understand why your marriage is unhealthy. 

It can be a painful process to dig into your marriage but if you do not detect the disease then you cannot even solve the problem. 

After you have an idea about the reasons for your unhealthy marriage you must start to document them. 

Perhaps it is your partner’s job that is causing you problems or perhaps it is because of your partner’s addiction to something that is causing you problems you must have evidence. 

You must make sure together any and every information you can and you must organise it in a proper way. 

When we are emotional and we try to confront somebody, it is not logic but emotions that come out of our mouths. 

However, emotions rarely have any physical function in the world and it is logic and logical substance that can actually change things in the world.

In the next point, we are going to tell you what you can do with this list and documentation of your problems. 


After you have your comprehensive list of problems that are making your marriage unhealthy and unhappy you must do something about this.

You must not go on social media and post about your problems and you must not keep telling your friends and other people about the problems in the first place.

The very first thing you can do which is going to be very effective is to simply sit down with your partner and this conversation should be very relaxed and not very confrontational. 

It should be a very serious discussion but it should not have any emotion or anger and this is the moment where you can reveal your biggest advantage.

You are going to produce all the proof and the documentation that you have and that you think is making your marriage unhealthy and you must present it to your partner.

You must tell them that they are not the reason why the marriage is unhealthy but these problems at the reason.

You must distance your partner from these problems and you must tell them that they can grow out of these reasons.

If they really care about you then they are seriously going to think about it and they are going to change themselves. 


The reason why we have the point about children here is important. We are not saying that children are the reason for an unhealthy marriage.

But we are saying is that if you have an unhealthy marriage, you must always make sure that this toxics never gets passed on to your children.

Your children are everything you have and your children at the most important element in your life if you are a parent.

That is why no matter how serious issues you have in your marriage you must never let that unhappiness and that sadness and that distress reach your children.

If you can keep your children protected from that unhealthiness then someday you might even have a cure for this unhealthiness.

However, if the unhappiness gets transmitted to the children, then there is no recovery for that marriage.

You must always protect your children and you must never let the adult problems reach the children because they are too innocent to deal with the problems of your marriage. 

It is their right to have a good childhood and it is your duty to provide them with a good childhood and this is one of the ways you can survive an unhealthy and unhappy marriage. 

Your children will give you hope for a better life and your children will give you the courage to fix your problems. 

We hope this blog has helped you understand how to survive an unhappy marriage and also find the solution to it. 

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