Where is prostitution legal?

This is a common question among people who are not aware of what prostitution is. However, it is an extremely common question that actually people ask. Many people have the misconception that prostitution is illegal in some countries.

The main reason for this misunderstanding is the sex industry in most countries. It is widely known that sex-related industries are illegal in many countries, even though they do not consider prostitution as a crime.

Prostitution is defined as the act of making money by selling sexual services to others. So prostitution is a form of commercialization. It is generally considered as an act that is totally legal and morally acceptable to a certain extent.

Prostitution is illegal in the countries of America, Canada, most European countries, Japan,England, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Russia, and Iceland. Those countries that do not classify prostitution as a crime do not recognize prostitution as a valid trade industry. These countries also do not allow the practice of prostitution and prohibit its sexual conduct, in their countries.

Should Prostitution Be Legal?

In countries that consider prostitution as a criminal offense, it is called brothels, strip bars, or erotic dancing parlors. The service provided by prostitutes is considered a product, but it is not a product sold in the normal sense. Therefore, there is a lot of difference between prostitution and selling the product, even if the product is sex.

Prostitution is illegal because it involves the abuse of women. According to some scholars, prostitution is more degrading and has the capacity to degrade women more than rape.

Sexual act of prostitution is closely associated with prostitution. Most countries state that “sex for money” is the definition of prostitution. Therefore, prostitution can be compared to a sexual act. Even though prostitution and sexual acts are not related, the act of sexual act is what is commonly called prostitution.

A sexual act can either be conducted privately or publicly. Prostitution in public places is considered prostitution. This is because the act of prostitution is usually performed in public places like bars, brothels, and rooms rented for entertainment.

Prostitution is an extreme form of exploitation and abuse of women. It is common in the area where there is high population of poor women. They work in hard working brothels where they cannot resist their customer’s demands of having sex.

legal prostitution

Prostitution is sometimes done to evade the law and misuse of women as sex objects and in pornography. Sometimes it is organized and broadcasted through television, radio, Internet, and other mass media.

The act of prostitution is not a crime in all the countries, because it involves sex. To categorize prostitution as a crime will restrict the freedom of citizens in many countries to do what they want to do and not violate women’s rights.

So, prostitution is not illegal in all the countries. Although there are many countries that consider prostitution as a crime. So, where is prostitution legal?