Why won’t most relationships seem to struggle in face of a pandemic?

It is understandable that a pandemic and quarantine have put the love of many at risk. After all, it is hard to endure with the same person in the same apartment or house for a long time, or not seeing them at all for several months. But are these the only reasons why so many relationships will not survive a pandemic?

The quarrels

Have you seen most people in relationships communicate with each other today? Usually, the younger generations have a way of communicating is often lacking. This may seem pointless, but most young people in relationships don’t have interesting topics to talk to each other or don’t know how to talk to each other when they are talking about their roles. This usually leads to misunderstandings that are never good in a relationship. In the case of older people this looks a bit different, but on the other hand, quarrels often occur, even for seemingly unimportant reasons.

Easier ways to find pleasure

Finding the right partner to realize our erotic fantasies can take a lot of time, and many people don’t want to waste that time on dating someone and having sex, not to mention the fact that we are never sure whether we can have the sex we want. That is why buying erotic toys is becoming more and more popular recently. We won’t be surprised when sex robots who look like babes from redtube will soon appear. Although we can wait for the first commercial models around ten years, single people will be very eager to buy such sex toys.

Problems with the internet

It cannot be denied that we live in an era in which everyone tries to look better than everyone and gain popularity just to live as an influencer. Normal” people often try to follow this trend, but for natural reasons (e.g. lack of motivation) they are not able to meet the challenges of such a life, that is why a vicious circle of striving for the ideal has appeared, which no one can really stop at the moment. This more or less leads to the fact that women only want beautiful and rich, and it is the same for men, because each of them wants a model who stars in porn movies and is both his mother and partner. Unfortunately, in the Internet such a distorted image of partners makes the new generation unable to distinguish this spectacle of illusions from reality at all, and this usually translates into the fact that people get bored with themselves and then such relationships simply fall apart due to bad choices.

Falling Careers

Today many people focus on career development. That is why many people now devote all their time to developing their careers as much as possible. However, the coronavirus has shown that it will actually be very difficult to develop your career, not to mention the fact that often due to poor work, many people translate their frustration into a relationship.