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It is not easy for anyone to start a conversation if you want to get to know someone better, both in real life and online, especially when it comes to your big crush. You never know what to say and of course you want to make a good first impression. Both boys and girls can be shy and have trouble making the first move. Fortunately, we have some tips for you that can help.

The most feared aspect of dating is the typical opening sentence for many. You sometimes hear your friends say, “Oh no, he uses such a cliché opening phrase.” The word is therefore never used in a serious way. A conversation can start both good and bad. It all just depends on how you do it. The important thing is of course to remain yourself, but the following tips will give you a bit of inside information about how to start an online conversation with your crush. A visit to https://www.thecamsites.com makes things perfect for you.

“Hey, how are you?” is a big letdown

Anything is better than opening your conversation with a simple ‘ hey ‘. Not only is it boring, but it will also cause your conversation to stall quickly. So be creative.

You may send an assertive message to start the conversation

Because a boring ‘hey’ is not enough, you have to come out a bit more original. Boys like girls who are assertive and take initiative and also in a conversation, for example, ask your crush to do something fun to get to know each other better. What that is depends entirely on the person in question.

If you’re talking to someone through an app and don’t know who that person is at all, it’s better to get to know them through chat first. In that case you can immediately start talking about something personal that you have seen on his profile or about your own interests. That way he knows immediately that you are not such a ‘hey’ girl, but you don’t have to meet the best with the first one. Once you know each other better, you can meet in real life. But be sure to read our tips on what to do before you agree with your online crush.

What works for you doesn’t necessarily work for him

You may be satisfied with a basic conversation or a cliché opening line, but that’s not to say he is. Boys like to have a girl who knows who she is and shows it. Self-confidence would be the sexiest aspect of a woman, so make sure you notice that too.

Boys apparently lose their attention quickly

According to research, it is important that you send or reply a message within six hours after you have added or matched each other. The chance that he answers would have dropped by 25 percent after those six hours.

Do not compliment him on his appearance

Research found that complimenting the look is something you really shouldn’t do. What beautiful eyes you have had only 9 percent success?.